Daffodil Hill
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Daffodil Hill

McLaughlin’s Daffodil Hill is a multi-generational project which has it’s origin in a family garden dating from the late 1800’s. Today it has become a full scale tourist destination attracting thousands annually to this beautiful site near Volcano.Daffodil Hill is in a beautiful alpine setting at an elevation of over 3,000 feet. With pine trees, an old barn, wagon wheels, and rusting mining equipment and farming tools, it appeals to anyone with a love of nature. Flowers are everywhere, with pea-fowl, chickens, pigeons and lambs making themselves at home.

Approximately 7 acres of the 540 acre Daffodil Hill ranch is dedicated to daffodils. It features as many as 300 varieties and, if the weather cooperates, in excess of 400,000 annual blooms. The number of bulbs planted each year depends, in large part, upon the donations received from welcome guests. There is no admission charge or parking fee to visit the family ranch, but they do have yellow teakettles and pots around so that anyone, if they desire, may donate to the project.Nature sets the schedule for public viewing. Daffodil Hill opens when 25 percent of the flowers are in bloom and closes when only 25 percent remain.

Open daily during blooming season
Typically Mid-March thru mid-April
10am to 4pm.

Call ahead, especially if the weather has been wet or snowy.

McLaughlin’s Daffodil Hill
18310 Rams Horn Grade
Volcano, California 95689
(209) 296-7048
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