Why Visit
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Why Visit

When you visit Amador County:

  • You will enter a "time portal" from the Historic Gold Country and Old West past that now has world-class recreation and amenities.
  • You may reach Amador via the path Kit Carson found to bring John Sutter into the then Mexican Territory of California or via the Golden Chain Highway (State Highway 49). The Carson Pass (Highway 88) rises 10,000 feet toward Nevada and HWY88 is one of two West/East major roads in California with no overhead obstructions to allow transportation of large objects.
  • You will enter a world that had no traffic lights until the 1970’s; that has been mined for over six (6) million ounces of Gold; that has Kennedy Gold Mine with tunnels a mile deep, as well as the town of Volcano which once had thousands of gold miners and was a candidate to be Capitol of California; and the town of Sutter Creek which, until recently, had a large working gold mine.
  • You may attend the Number 1 Small County Fair in the United States.
  • You may stay in your choice of many Historic Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts (or a modern hotel, if you prefer); enjoy a Five-Star Meal; eat in a unique cafe; have a "chuck wagon steak" while you pan for gold along a river; or visit over 50 wineries (with a variety of highly rated wines) who are part of the Sierra Foothills AVA.
  • You may shop to your heart’s content in many boutiques and antique shops.
  • You may attend live concert performances in bigger venues; be entertained in smaller venues while you sip some local wine; or participate in casino gaming.
  • Best of all for you and your family, depending on the season, everyone may camp, hike, bike, kayak, fish, and ski in some of the best recreation areas in the world... and have some FUN along the way.


External Links:

City of Sutter Creek www.suttercreek.org

Amador Vintners Association www.amadorwine.com

Amador County Fair www.amadorcountyfair.com

Kennedy Gold Mine www.kennedygoldmine.com

Preston Castle www.prestoncastle.com

Chaw-Se Indian Grinding Rock www.chawse.org/park

El Dorado National Forest www.fs.usda.gov/eldorado

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