Browns English Toffee
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Brown's English Toffee


Business Info

(209) 245-5400
Thursday thru Monday 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Brown's English Toffee handmade. Some of their candies are international in origin and are made locally in Fiddletown, CA.
Every batch they make is individually tended - start to finish. Spreading this delightful mixture to just the right thickness is a skill that requires a lot of learning and patience.

Browns Toffee also carries a unique line of specialty products, such as baking mix/ice cream topping, which can be baked into your favorite cookie, brownie or muffin recipe or sprinkled onto your favorite ice cream to add a rich chocolate toffee flavor.

Candies include:
Toffee in milk, dark, and white chocolate, with or without almonds, sugar-free, uncoated.
Celtic candies are:
Tablet- fudge from Scotland
Coffee Fudge from Ireland
Honey Fudge from Isle of Man
Chocolate Orange Fudge from Cornwall
Loshin Du (Black toffee or treacle), Wales
Salted caramels from Brittany
Sweetie Hearts- great for weddings & showers
Ice Cream Topping
Peanut Brttle

Online orders available. Ship worldwide.
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