Deaver Vineyards
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Deaver Vineyards

Deaver Vineyards - 209-245-4099

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(209) 245-4099
10:30 AM-5 PM
Deaver Vineyards and their B&B, Amador Harvest Inn, share the same lush landscape of expansive green lawns overlooking the lake and dotted with bright beautiful flowers. Their tasting room features an expansive gift shop full of wine-related items and picnic food. Tables overlooking the shimmering lake are available for your picnicking pleasure.

Stay at the Amador Harvest Inn, just next door to our tasting room. Relax in one of four gracious rooms and enjoy a delicious home-cooked breakfast the next morning. For more information call (209) 245-5512 or (800) 217-2304.

Any group of 8 or more must make a reservation and pay a $5.00 tasting fee up front
If you come without making a reservation we may not be able to serve your group.
Groups are taken outside under our tent for their tasting, not in the tasting room.

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