Distant Cellars
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Distant Cellars

Distant Cellars - 209-245-8687
Established in 2007, Distant Cellars was founded as a family venture driven by a passion for wine with the idea of “good times over great wine” at its heart. Looking to remove the pretentious qualities associated with robust and complex wines, Distant Cellars strives to make their winery and wines approachable to wine enthusiasts of all levels while maintaining an intriguing and powerful product that is sure to spark conversation.

Distant Cellars vines are mostly dry farmed and only irrigated when necessary to protect the crop and allowed to ferment on the natural yeast from the vineyard. The wine is gently racked and allowed to age up to 24 months in charred American and French oak barrels, creating an ultra premium and complex wine. Focusing on traditional and natural wine making techniques, they let their wines represent the region and vintage they came from with minimal intervention, believing wine is made best in conjunction with nature, not against it. This natural approach is applied from the initial planting and pruning of the vines, to the fermentation, barreling, finishing, and through the final bottling, which is done with the utmost care to ensure we create a truly unique wine that speaks from the heart, the land, and individuality of the terroir.

Open Thursday-Sunday, 10:00AM-5:30PM or by appointment

21390 Ostrom Rd
Fiddletown, CA 95629
Phone: (209) 245-8687
Email: info@distantcellars.com
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