Jeff Runquist Wines
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Jeff Runquist Wines

Jeff Runquist Winery - (209) 245-6282
All of Jeff's wines share a theme of fresh fruit reflective of the varietal flavors inherent in the grapes. Jeff selects grapes from vineyards that provide rich full flavors without loads of astringent tannins. Their wines are characterized by a fruit forward nature to both the aroma and flavor that provides a good representation of the grape used to make the wine. This is followed by a depth, richness, and complexity that is enhanced by aging in small oak barrels. Their wines finish with a smooth aftertaste where the tannins are soft and mature. His mantra as a winemaker is to pack as much flavor and character into a wine as possible without stepping over the line and making a wine so tannic that aging is required to balance and round the wine. This is not to say that their wines won't age. They will. It's just that they don't need to in order to be enjoyed. "We work very hard to produce balanced wines. Wines that will age and become more complex with time, but wines that can also be enjoyed in their youth."

Open Thursday through Monday 11-5. Limos and large groups by appointment only.

Jeff Runquist Wines
10776 Shenandoah Road
Plymouth, CA 95669
Phone: (209) 245-6282
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