Raven's Reach Winery
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Raven's Reach Winery

Raven's Reach Winery - 209-267-8154

Join Us At Our Tasting Room:

83 Main Street
Sutter Creek, Califonia
Phone: 209-267-8154
E-mail: info@ravensreachwinery.com
Tasting Room Hours:
Thursday and Friday: 11am until 7pm
Saturday: 11am to 7pm
Sunday:, 11am to 5pm

About Us

We started our winery because we wanted to provide a different experience: different grapes, different winemaking styles, different blends and a different level of interaction with our customers. We seek out small lots of interesting grapes from vineyards in Amador County and surrounding areas. By interesting, we mean grape varietals that most people never heard of, let alone tasted. Of course, we make wines from more recognized varietals too. We just do them differently.

We're the first to admit that we're not for everyone. We are for the more adventurous wine lover who seeks out something new and novel. We're also for those who want to be involved in the wines they drink. We want to include our club members in the decision making process and allow them to help shape our wines of the future.

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